You could lose half your customers to dandelions.
Up to 50 percent1 of customers who call to complain about dandelions cancel their service. Protect their lawns, and your business, with Defendor® specialty herbicide. It works when nothing else does. Apply Defendor in early spring or late fall to stop dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds before they cost you a client. That way, the next time your phone rings, you’ll be saying hello to more business.
Apply with confidence.
Field studies conducted over the past few years prove that Defendor® specialty herbicide provides effective broadleaf weed control. Take a look at the following field data and learn the value of Defendor when applied in early spring or fall.
Fall Field Results
Auburn University
Penn State University
North Carolina State
Purdue University
University of Georgia
Select University
Defendor® research and results.

Have you heard how Defendor® specialty herbicide provides superior weed control in cold weather? Don’t just take our word for it. Dr. Doug Soldat, a turfgrass extension specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has tested Defendor for three years. In these videos, he talks about the research and science behind Defendor, as well as the trial results. Need more proof? Take a look at how Defendor performs in the real world. Two lawn care operators share how the product has transformed their businesses.

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Photos, descriptions and control tips for 68 broadleaf and grassy weeds to help you better understand what you’re up against.

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